Keysight Technologies introduces Type-C test fixtures  

Keysight N7015A and N7016A Type-C test fixtures
Keysight Technologies introduced Type-C test fixtures for high-speed differential bus probing.

The wireless test and measurement vendor said that its N7015A high-speed test fixture provides performance up to 30 GHz of bandwidth.

“Type-C is the future of connection technology in consumer electronics, and it has far reaching implications,” said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Oscilloscope and Protocol Division.

Explaining the work profile, Keysight said the N7015A Type-C high-speed test fixture separates out four lanes of high-speed protocol signals for signal measurement and sends low-speed power and control line signals to a secondary fixture, the Keysight N7016A Type-C low-speed signal access and control fixture.

Keysight said the fixture kit is flexible, reversible and provides high-signal-integrity access to signals. Moreover, it enables engineers to probe the USB 3.1 device and host upstream and downstream ports.

Meanwhile, the N7016A low-speed Type-C fixture manages power and control lines from the N7015A to support termination requirements and test configuration as well as connection to a third-party power delivery controller.