Keysight UXM to address LTE-A carrier aggregation test

Telecom testing solutions vendor Keysight Technologies said its E7515A UXM wireless test set now comes with new features to address LTE-A carrier aggregation (CA) test requirements.

New features of Keysight E7515A UXM wireless test include support for downlink 4CC1, 256 QAM, and LTE-U with up to three unlicensed carriers, as well as FDD-TDD mixed CA and uplink intra- and inter-band CA measurements.

Validation engineers can utilize the new Keysight E7515A UXM wireless test to ensure their latest LTE-A devices will perform as expected in a true network environment.

Keysight E7515A UXM wireless test
The UXM’s touch screen display and intuitive user interface provide easy access to complex network emulation and bring better functional test capability in an accessible stack-based environment, including support for the new 3GPP category 0 for low power, low cost machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.

W-CDMA/HSPA+ test capabilities, enabling 3G data throughput testing with integrated fading and CPC statistics, inter-RAT mobility and handover verification, and time-aligned multi-format logging are yet another feature of the E7515A UXM wireless test, said Keysight Technologies.

“With support for up to four component carriers, FDD-TDD mixed CA and aggregation in unlicensed bands, UXM enables validation of today’s expanding carrier aggregation configurations to provide engineers with greater LTE-A design confidence,” said Joe DePond, general manager of Keysight’s Mobile Broadband Operation.

The latest UXM enhancements enable LTE/W-CDMA inter-RAT cell reselection, connected data handovers, and release with redirect in a single UXM test set, including support for CSFB and SRVCC.

Validation engineers can also connect two UXMs in an array to test mobility between up to four LTE cells, and handover between LTE-A multi-carrier and W-CDMA/HSPA+ connections.

Keysight Technologies said the UXM delivers LTE-Advanced data rates up to 600 Mbps now and handling more complex requirements later.

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