Kindsight and PlumChoice to protect home networks

Kindsight and PlumChoice announced a strategic
partnership to help consumers better protect home networks with tools and
services to prevent online identity theft.

PlumChoice, which offers remote technical support, and
Kindsight, a provider of online identity theft protection, will work with
service providers to offer a suite of security and protection services for home
Internet users.

When the Kindsight
service detects a threat in the user’s Internet traffic, it sends an alert via
email or SMS. Now, with PlumChoice, users have the choice of either following
the step-by-step instructions provided by Kindsight to remove the threat or to
contact the PlumChoice U.S.-based IT certified technicians who can connect
remotely to remove the threat and help to secure the user’s home networks
against future attacks.

Users benefit from the Kindsight security technology,
which is deployed in the service provider’s network so there is nothing for the
user install and it cannot be disabled by criminals, and a live support team
PlumChoice that can help that service
provider’s subscribers through the process of eradicating the threat from their
home network.

“Online identity theft is a critical security issue
that many consumers are not equipped to address,” said Brendan Ziolo, VP,
Marketing for Kindsight.

“Traditional anti-virus software and a firewall are
necessary to protect your personal information but you also need a
network-based security layer that analyzes your Internet traffic and alerts you
of threats when your anti-virus and other security precautions do not. We’ve
found that, depending on the malware, users may need extra help to remove the
threat and ensure their home network is safe. Our partnership with PlumChoice
allows users to connect with a team of experts to help them fix the problem.
It’s a win-win scenario,” Ziolo added.


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