KIT digital unveils video platform



KIT digital, a cloud-based software solutions and
technology services provider for multiscreen video management and delivery,
announced the launch of its cloud-based video asset management system,
the KIT Video Platform, at the IBC 2011 conference.


The KIT Video Platform  available in two editions,
KIT Cloud and KIT Cosmos, to address the diverse needs of the market gives
media and entertainment companies, network operators, and non-media enterprises
a comprehensive and highly flexible platform solution to produce, manage and
deliver live and on-demand, socially-enabled broadband TV deployments.


“Today’s platform release is the most significant in
the company’s history and marks the culmination of over a year of internal
development and innovation, as well as the integration of ‘best-of-breed’ elements
from recently acquired industry-leading platform technologies,” said Alex
Blum, COO,
KIT digital.


The KIT Video Platform’s two editions, KIT Cloud and KIT
Cosmos, are built on a common architecture and object model, and each caters to
different ends of the video market from enterprises deploying internal video
systems, to broadcasters and Telcos deploying multiscreen ‘TV Everywhere’


KIT Video
Platform Key Features r
each and grow
“anytime/anywhere” audiences securely and cost effectively with
linear, live and VOD programming.




Deliver high quality and consistent live and on-demand
broadband TV experiences across a wide range of browser-based devices,
connected TVs, gaming consoles and more than 500 leading mobile and tablet


Engage audiences more deeply through advanced social and
interactive video companion features, including custom forums, social sites,
widgets, contests and Facebook pages and apps.


Monetize video assets with flexible advertising,
pay-per-view and subscription based models. KIT supports third-party ad
platform integration and standard ad formats including banners, overlays and
in-stream ad units.


Capture and deliver linear or scheduled live broadcasts
to any screen for smooth uninterrupted viewing, and take advantage of
innovative live-streaming features such as content sharing and recommendation,
in-stream advertising, adaptive bitrate, audience analytics and secure live


Easily create custom video apps and players that are
designed and built for delivery to any screen and support Flash, HTML5 and


Protect premium content from unauthorized viewing and
reuse with a wide range of security options, digital rights management and
encryption solutions.


The KIT Video Platform’s open architecture employs
modular, extensible subcomponents and exposes functionality via standards-based
APIs (application programming interfaces).


This core methodology provides a flexible deployment
model that includes cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud hosting options,
while allowing platform functionality to be easily extended through the
addition of new components without disturbing the core data layer, and
facilitating integration with third-party point solutions.


The platform’s broadcast-grade quality of service is made
possible by the
Platform Operations Manager
, a
proprietary operational support system (OSS) for broadband head-ends that
reduces the cost, risk, complexity and time-to-market of deploying world-class
broadband-delivered video solutions.


Whether directing KIT Cloud or KIT Cosmos, the unique
combination of integrated ITIL service management, security and quality
assurance enables broadcast-grade quality while minimizing operational and
maintenance costs.


KIT digital also unveiled two innovative areas of
functionality powered by the KIT Video Platform, which help organizations
deliver on social TV and connected device strategies:


Social TV
– Allows broadcasters and network operators
to deliver companion device social applications that enhance the broadband TV
viewing experience and provide greater opportunities for audience engagement
and monetization. The solution enables a smartphone or tablet to be used as a
remote control and program guide, as well as an interactive device that
delivers personalized information about the content being watched and
involvement from other viewers.


This includes social-based programming recommendations
and real-time feedback on what friends are watching. KIT Social TV also enables
the delivery of interactive, personalized advertising and socially driven
e-commerce functionality.


Connected Device Framework
– A comprehensive software
development kit (SDK) aimed at helping organizations simplify the process of
delivering socially-enabled video applications across multiple
internet-connected devices, including connected TVs, set-top boxes, gaming
consoles, smartphones and tablets.


KIT digital has worked closely with a consortium of
industry leaders to develop technical specifications and procedures designed to
ensure seamless video delivery across a broad range of leading connected device


KIT digital recently announced that it has selected by
Maasranga, a part of the Bangladesh-based communications, IT and healthcare
conglomerate, Square Group, will help it launch the first fully IP-based
digital, HD and 3G-enabled rich media network in Bangladesh.


The project involves the green-field development of Maasranga’s
central infrastructure and studio facilities, which feature state-of-the art
production and post-production capabilities and a fully automated, IP-based
digital delivery workflow.


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