Kolmisoft launches MOR Front-End with a billing and routing system

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Kolmisoft, a software provider using VoIP Softswitch with billing
and routing, has unveiled MOR Front-End with a billing and routing system that
enables alternative telecoms to significantly improve their voice services.


MOR Front-End
is the new addition to the company’s advanced VoIP Softswitch.


MOR Front-End
is designed for small and mid-sized telecommunication companies specialized in
delivering various VoIP services. It allows final users to connect online to
self-help portals and manage their accounts, make payments, check their call
logs, configure their services and much, much more.


With so many
exciting features, this product is the easiest and fastest way for voice
service providers to increase client satisfaction from their daily operations,”
said Mindaugas Kezys, CEO of Kolmisoft.


MOR Front-End
integrates over XML API to the main system and is based on Magento E-Commerce
platform – leader in its market. Also, it allows a business to enter the target
market quickly and to avoid the long and exhausting development of similar
user-oriented portals by third party developers.


The company
said that no highly skilled engineer required for platform management in MOR
Front-End. It can be easily accomplished by in house computer-savvy employees.
The platform allows the creation of new promotions, campaigns and other
informational blocks online and instantly seeing the results.


The company added
that it is actively developing new functionality in line with the newest
business trends and requests from its clients. This solution grows on a daily
basis and becomes stronger with each new function to support various business
models in bleeding edge technology.

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