Lavina Tauro is promoted is the new Senior Vice President, Voice Products, Interactive UTV

Lavina Tauro, long term employee of the UTV Group, with a track record of creating new initiatives on the voice platform, has been promoted to senior vice president, Voice Products for the Interactive vertical of UTV.


Her focus continues to be on exploiting content in innovative ways on the Voice Platform and driving it to even greater heights. During her stint with the company she has launched the Audio Cinema product and taken it to a strong and profitable position. Today Audio Cinema is available in 10 different languages and has a base of over 2 million users across all operators. Under her leadership, the company has successfully launched and executed products in the Devotional and Music space, both vital components of the UTV Interactive division.

“From my perspective technology and content do wonders when merged together and can cater to the demand of the mobilized consumer. This drives me and my team to offer a bouquet of products and services that are unique and entertaining not just for the 3G and 4G users but also for the basic handset users,” Lavina said.


Lavina will continue to report to M.K. Anand, CEO, Interactive & Broadcast, UTV.
Interactive, the digital vertical of UTV, addresses the digital space across domains such as business, finance, entertainment (TV, films, music), gadgets and technology cutting across all demographics. Youth will always be the primary target for the company, where strategic focus lies on web-enabled PC and handheld devices. Sourcing out the best content consistently across categories, Interactive has been in the forefront of delivering a first-in-class digital media experience to an increasing technology-savvy audience.

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