LG-Ericsson launches solutions to support voice, video and data communications management needs


By Telecom Lead Team: LG-Ericsson USA has launched
new business communications solutions to support voice, video and data
communications management needs of dynamic business.

The LG-Ericsson iPECS-MG Business-Enabled Communications System,
which is available through LG-Ericsson’s trained and certified resellers,
delivers the functionality of a traditional PBX with the addition of
productivity-enhancing features like Unified Communications for
conferencing, remote and roaming user support and scalability to deliver a
seamless communication experience.

LG-Ericsson has a long history of providing high-quality
technology for data communications and telephony solutions for the SMB
market. The new iPECS-MG builds on our field-proven technologies and
architecture, as well as on our understanding of the core SMB priorities:
simplification, flexibility, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. A
highly-reliable, extensible and feature-rich business telephony platform that
integrates PSTN, IP and mobile networks cleanly, simply and in a way that’s
supremely easy to use, the new iPECS-MG quite simply meets SMB priorities to
improve productivity,” said Iain Kenney, LG-Ericsson
USA’s Director of Product Marketing.

The iPECS-MG supports TDM solutions as well as mixed deployments
consisting of both IP and TDM extensions. Scalable and extensible, each
on-site iPECS-MG server supports up to 414 ports, and 250 devices can be
networked across multiple locations to support large numbers of local or remote

The iPECS-MG can be combined with LG-Ericsson voice and data
products and accessories to create a converged business communications system.
Its telephony features and value-added applications, in addition to support for
a full range of fixed or mobile LG-Ericsson handsets (IP or digital),
conference phones and soft clients enable countless configurations centered on the
iPECS-MG Business-Enabled Communications System to meet the needs of a variety
of businesses.

LG-Ericsson USA announced the newest application for its voice platforms: iPECS
IP Call Recording (IPCR).


LG-Ericsson unveils new IPCR all recording and monitoring for
SMB customers

to serve the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, the new iPECS IPCR
provides centralized voice communications management for local and remote
locations in an economical add-on application that can help improve business
efficiency and customer service.


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