LG launches Optimus L9 smartphone

Telecom Lead Asia: LG
has launched Optimus L9 smartphone.

LG’s other L series smartphones include Optimus L3, Optimus
L5 and Optimus L7.

Jongseok Park, president and CEO of LG Mobile Communications
Company, said Optimus L9 is a great smartphone that appeals to every consumer.

The Optimus L9 has a 9.1mm thin body. 

The 4.7-inch IPS display of the Optimus L9 offers clear images with incredible
detail for comfortable viewing experience.

The high-density 2,150mAh SiO+ battery allows users to enjoy
the various new UX features all day long with maximized performance while
retaining its incredibly sleek design. 

The Optimus L9 has UX features such as the QTranslator and My Style Keypad
function along with the ever-popular QMemoTM. 

The QTranslator function instantly translates words, entire sentences and
phrases with a scan from nearly 44 foreign languages to 64 user languages.
Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, it recognizes letters
upon scanning with the camera and utilizes electronic dictionary or online
translation engine to translate words, sentences or phrases. 

The My Style Keypad function adjusts the key formation of the keypad according
to whether the user is texting with one hand (right or left-handed) or two

The Optimus L9 will include the QMemoTM, allowing users to
capture, memo and share their ideas with others using their fingertip or

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