LightPointe offers 60 GHz building connectivity solutions to Continental Germany

LightPointe, a manufacturer of Free Space Optics (FSO)
wireless bridges and 60/70/80 GHz millimeter wave backhaul solutions, announced
the installation of its AireBeam Z60 system for Continental, one of the world’s
largest automotive parts suppliers.

The AireBeam Z60 point-to-point bridge operates in the
license-free 59 to 63 GHz frequency range, which is widely available in the
DACH region of Germany and many other countries.

The solution has flexible LAN networking interfaces, an
integrated web browser, and is easily integrated into an SNMP management
environment. With 635 Mbps full duplex and low latency, the AireBeam Z60 is the
most advanced device in its class.

Professional planning and installation of the system was
performed by EDV-Beratung Schatz, a LightPointe partner.

“The combination of excellent product features, low
operating costs and the ease of installation provides an ideal solution for
campus connectivity needs,” said Stephan Schatz, GM for EDV-Beratung

“This installation exemplifies LightPointe’s ability
to work well with channel partners in meeting their customers’ requirements.
Since the introduction of our AireBeam Z60 about 6 months ago our channel
partners have installed multiple systems, and end-user response has been
extremely positive,” said Michael Schulz, a director of sales for

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