LightPointe provides cost effective solution for data and video transmission

LightPointe, a designer and manufacturer of
high-speed outdoor wireless point-to-point network bridging solutions,
announced that its AireLite G wireless links are providing data and video
transmission in extremely critical applications such as disaster infrastructure
recovery and hospital networks, including live video transmission
during surgeries.

The AireLite G has become our best-selling Gigabit
capacity link due to its excellent throughput, low latency, high reliability
and affordable price,” said John Taylor, vice president of sales and marketing
for LightPointe.

Although we also manufacture 60 and 70/80 GHz radio
frequency backhaul solutions, we’ve seen tremendous demand for more secure and
cost effective FSO links such as our AireLite G which cannot be intercepted and
is ideal for sensitive data transmission, as in financial and medical networks.
Our customers have told us they appreciate that LightPointe provides them with
a choice of RF and free space optics solutions, depending on their needs and
budget,” Taylor added.

As one of Japan’s most experienced companies in wireless
deployment, we’re pleased with the performance and reliability of
LightPointe’sAireLite G links. LightPointe’s free space optics solutions have
been well-received by our customers, including hospitals using the AireLite G
for live video transmission during such critical applications as heart
surgeries,” said Kiyoshi Tsujimura, of Kaytec Limited of Japan.

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