Linkem selects Amdocs for transition to LTE from WiMax

Linkem, a provider of wireless broadband services in Italy, has selected Amdocs virtualized network control solution for transition from WiMax to LTE.

The selection of Amdocs is aimed at providing better data experience based on differentiated service quality for high-bandwidth content.

Amdocs said Linkem will use the virtualized solution combines Amdocs Policy Controller with Home Subscriber Server for dynamic subscriber management to deliver application-specific quality of service (QoS) to improve subscribers’ with streaming HD video, voice over IP, gaming and other data-intensive multimedia applications.

Linkem Italy LTE

“Amdocs’ virtualized Policy Controller allows us to provide wireless data plans with tiered quality of service, enabling a consistent and optimal user experience in any network condition,” said Rino Buccio, chief technology officer at Linkem.

As per the strategy, Linkem aims at launching LTE data services while laying the groundwork for a full network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture for even greater cost efficiencies and faster time to market for future technology enhancements.

Ann Hatchell, head of network marketing at Amdocs, said: “Our virtualized network control solutions will help Linkem accelerate the rollout of new services, scale to meet the demands of data services growth, and shape a differentiated quality of experience for its customers.”

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