Lionbridge unveils GeoFluent instant messaging for IBM Sametime


Lionbridge announced the integration between Lionbridge’s
GeoFluent Instant Messaging (IM) real time translation solution and IBM
Sametime unified communications and collaboration software.


GeoFluent IM for Sametime will help IBM Sametime clients
become more interconnected by collaborating more effectively with non-English
speaking colleagues, partners and customers.  


“Today’s dynamic workforce is increasingly globally
dispersed, multigenerational and multicultural,” said Caleb Barlow,
director, Unified Communications and Collaboration, IBM.


“As globally dispersed organizations move towards
becoming social businesses, the challenge of resolving real-time barriers of
language translation is critical. Today’s always available, socially-connected
organizations need to communicate seamlessly with networks of partners, clients
and suppliers, regardless of location, time-zone or language,” Barlow


Lionbridge GeoFluent is a cloud-based, customizable, real-time automated translation
technology that instantly translates content and communications into multiple


GeoFluent is based on IBM’s machine translation engine
and is the result of a technology partnership between Lionbridge and IBM.


GeoFluent IM is designed for enterprise instant messaging
and easily integrates into common messaging and collaboration environments,
including Sametime.  GeoFluent includes Lionbridge customization
capability which increases comprehension and usability of communication by
reflecting each organization’s brand, products and terminology.  


IBM Sametime software provides integrated real-time
communications services voice, data and video that make it easy for people to
find, reach and collaborate effectively with others.


Sametime allows employees to spend less time trying to find
people who can answer questions and more time being productive, and helps
enterprises lower customer service and help desk costs by more effectively
resolving issues.


“This integration with Sametime is yet another
example of the powerful benefits of Lionbridge GeoFluent for increasing online
engagement with employees, partners and customers worldwide,” said Rory
Cowan, CEO, Lionbridge.


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