Livescribe launches Sky wifi smartpen digital pen to integrate Wi-Fi technology and cloud services

Telecom Lead America: Livescribe has launched Sky wifi smartpen, a digital pen to integrate Wi-Fi technology and cloud services.

Sky digitizes everything consumers write and hear and automatically sends it to their personal Evernote accounts, where it is securely stored and readily available to search, play back, organize and share.

“Thanks to our unique partnership and joint development efforts with Evernote, we have created an amazingly simple and exciting new experience for our customers,” said Gilles Bouchard, Livescribe chairman and CEO.

With the Sky wifi smartpen, users can easily capture important ideas, presentations and conversations in the most natural way, on paper, and they automatically appear right where they want them – on their mobile devices and personal computers.

With the Sky wifi smartpen people don’t have to choose between writing on paper and writing on a tablet – they can have the best of both worlds. Sky is an ideal companion to an iPad or Android tablet. Together they offer the ease, flexibility and precision of writing on paper with the benefits of saving, searching, replaying and sharing on a tablet

With more than 40 million subscribers, Evernote is dedicated to helping people remember everything important, making it an ideal complement to the Sky wifi smartpen. Evernote gives people a secure place to instantly store and organize their most important ideas.

Any content created and captured with the Sky wifi smartpen wirelessly syncs with Evernote as a new searchable and shareable note. Once in Evernote, customers can easily play back their synchronized notes and audio, called pencasts, with the new web-based Livescribe Player, which requires no installation.

 The Livescribe Player allows users to start at the beginning of an audio recording and  allows them to jump directly to a specific point in time just by tapping or clicking on a handwritten word or drawing.

The Sky wifi smartpen works with both Evernote (free) and Evernote Premium and can be linked to new or existing Evernote accounts. Sky includes an additional 500MB of monthly upload capacity (up to 70 hours of recording time) for content created with the smartpen.

“The Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen is cool,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “It’s one of the deepest partner integrations that we’ve ever done. You get the feeling that a bit of magic just happened when you see your handwriting and words transformed instantly and wirelessly into shareable, searchable ideas in Evernote.”

Transcribe Me, an audio transcription service using the latest transcription technology and crowd sourcing techniques to provide high-quality audio-to-text conversion for Livescribe customers, is currently developing an Evernote integration that is expected to be available shortly at competitive prices.

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