LodgeNet Interactive uses FREEDOM Internet software from DOCOMO Intertouch

Telecom Lead America: LodgeNet Interactive, a provider of
interactive media and connectivity services to hospitality and healthcare
businesses, said it is using FREEDOM Internet software from DOCOMO Intertouch
to address the increased needs of hoteliers and expectations of bandwidth
hungry guests.

Steve Pofahl, senior vice president/general manager of
LodgeNet Broadband, said the company’s new solution has been designed to help
hotels optimize their economics and guest satisfaction as they serve today’s
multiple-device travelers.

“A few years ago, guests just wanted to get online
with their laptops; but now they’re traveling with not just laptops, but
smartphones and tablets – and they’re using them all during the stay,”
Pofahl said.

“By integrating industry standard Nomadix servers
with DOCOMO FREEDOM Internet software and ongoing development by DOCOMO
Intertouch, we have the platform hoteliers need to keep up with guests in
today’s multi-screen, bandwidth intensive world,” Pofahl added.

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