LogMeIn: Expanding in India by Adding More Sales and Support Staff

India is a very important market for LogMeIn.  In the last six months, the company grew its customer base to include some of the larger Managed Service Providers. Accenture, Quatrro are few bigger customers in India out of more than 20 enterprises who are using LogMeIn solutions.


Mobile workforce is increasing. What are some of the challenges faced by technology vendors?



Mobility has become more complex for enterprises, and particularly for multinationals that need to manage the mobility of their staff across many countries. It has been observed that enterprise mobility is the biggest single trend across the tech industry investment, even outpacing the cloud computing trend. The increasing importance of the space is reflected in robust market traction predictions for India as well.



According to Frost & Sullivan, the enterprise mobility market in India was worth about Rs 346 crore in FY 2008-09 and is estimated to reach Rs 1,880 crore by FY 2015-16.Growth rates for the enterprise mobility market in India are estimated to be among the highest in the Asia region. There are simply more users with more devices using more applications. In addition there has been a blurring of the boundaries between business and personal usage and many IT managers struggle to enforce company policies while employees demand more consumer-like devices and applications. Their need for support in managing this complexity and cost has never been greater.



Some of the IT challenges faced due to enterprise mobility include securing information systems,     integrating technologies, supporting devices, containing costs, controlling personal use, training users, justifying investments and limiting use.



What are the new enterprise mobility app trends in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, China, Africa and the Middle East 



Thanks to competitive market pricing for the mobile phones devices that they have made much faster in roads into the markets of the developing nations than a PC did couple of years ago. Mobile has become mainstream with the emerging economies like India, Brazil, China, Middle East, etc. While devices such as smartphones and tablets are still a minority of the connections we see today, these products are changing both consumers’ and enterprises’ views of what can be accomplished with a mobile device.



Some of the major enterprise mobility app trends that we are witnessing in the emerging economy are:



1)      While more and more enterprises are realizing the impact of enterprise mobility that have now come to terms with the fact that though they can have a policy that prohibits accessing company data on personal devices, employee-owned devices are making inroads into companies regardless of IT’s policy.


2)      Users are seeking apps that help them unleash the power of their mobile devices, including apps that help them stay productive.  That could be document viewing/editing apps, messaging/communication apps, navigation/mapping apps, and remote access apps.


3)      Users’ devices are multi-purpose (professional and personal) and thus it’s common to have business apps running alongside social or gaming apps. 



What are the opportunities and challenges in remote access technology?


According to IDC , the combined India domestic IT-ITeS market will grow by 15 percent in 2010 to achieve revenues of Rs 1,20,666 crore. The domestic IT market is expected to grow 13 percent in 2010 to touch Rs 1,07,655 crore. Also as per IDC, the worldwide market for remote support tools will grow from $171 million in 2008 to $473 million in 2013, representing a five year CAGR of 22.6%. It is observed that this market is niche and growing. Several trends are driving this growth:  the economy is forcing businesses to do more with less; there is a shortage of skilled IT workers at branch locations, and telecommuters, remote workers and mobile workers are increasing as a percentage of the workforce. 


LogMeIn  being aware of the growing needs of the large enterprises ,thus is providing them solutions that help them remotely support and manage hundreds or thousands of desktops, laptops, servers, kiosks, POS machines and the applications that run on them. LogMeIn also provides cross-platform capabilities which include support for Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and smartphones, including BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices.


Given this market scenario, we see incredible potential in the Indian market – with fleets of customer support desks that can benefit from offering their end-users on-demand remote support.  Our strategy has been to secure a few key customers to prove out the benefits this type of solution can have for Indian companies, and then bring the solution out to a broader audience. 


What are LogMeIn’s offerings in remote access space? How unique are they as compared with competition?


At LogMeIn our objective is to provide SaaS-based remote access, support and collaboration solutions to quickly, simply and securely connect millions of internet-enabled devices across the globe. What reflect our commitment are our recent launches and solutions. These solutions are available globally as well in India.


What are LogMeIn’s expansion and investment plans for India?


India is a very important market for us.  In the last six months we have grown our customer base to include some of the larger Managed Service Providers. Accenture, Quatrro are few bigger customers for us in India out of more than 20 enterprises who are using our solutions. We want to build up on this initial momentum and are ramping in India by adding more sales and support staff.


The key markets/ verticals that we plan to target in India are managed service providers, outsourced IT services organizations & Mobile Service Providers. Any organization providing Technical Support to internal  & external customer can benefit from our solution(s)


What are your innovative products?


At LogMeIn, our mission is to maximize mobility, connectivity and business productivity and our vision is worldwide connectivity for mobile work and life styles.  This manifests in innovations such as our LogMeIn Ignition app for remote control from an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet, which was the top grossing, non-Apple productivity app in 2010 in the iTunes app store, and our join.me screen sharing application, which offers fast, simple, and easy screen sharing for free.  join.me.  Our solutions are designed to be easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use, giving users alternative to expensive or complex solutions that solve common business problems. 


By TelecomLead.com Team

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