LogMeIn launches vpn.net, IPv6 Support

LogMeIn announced the launch of vpn.net to make it easier to set up and manage virtual
private networks (VPNs).


Using the company’s secure VPN service, LogMeIn Hamachi,
anyone from consumers and gamers to IT professionals and business owners can use
vpn.net to quickly create new VPNs
and easily extend LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users, distributed
teams, and even friends and family.

LogMeIn Hamachi can network Windows and Mac OS computers
in any configuration. A client for Linux-based systems is now in beta. The new vpn.net website and the Hamachi
service eliminates the technical and networking complexities commonly
associated with setting up VPNs and adding new users to a network.

To create a new VPN, users can simply go to vpn.net, download Hamachi onto Mac and
Windows based desktops, name their network, and set a password. Adding other PCs
and Macs to the network is quick and easy.

Just point colleagues, clients and other users to vpn.net, and provide them with the
network name and password. No IT assistance required.  

“Hamachi is an incredibly simple VPN solution, and
that’s why it has been embraced by small businesses and individuals alike. vpn.net builds upon that simplicity,
making it possible for anyone to benefit from the security and mobility
benefits VPNs provide,” said Andrew Burton, vice president, Access and
Management, LogMeIn.

“Whether it’s supporting multiple platforms, like
Mac and Linux, committing to IPv6, or making it even simpler to create and
manage new VPNs, we’re focused on extending the benefits of secure mobility to
more and more businesses and individuals,” Burton added.

Timed with the rollout of vpn.net, LogMeIn has updated Hamachi with support for IPv6.
Enabling Hamachi to use the IPv6 protocol means that there are now a virtually
limitless number of IP addresses which can be used with Hamachi VPNs. Existing
and new Hamachi VPNs will continue to leverage IPv4 addresses in addition to
full support for IPv6. From an end-user perspective, the IPv6 transition will
be seamless for existing Hamachi users.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]