LogMeIn simplifies patch management for Windows

IT professionals can now use LogMeIn to keep remote
Windows-based computers up to date and secure. Part of a new release to
LogMeIn remote access and management product lines, LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn
Central, the new patch management capabilities give users an end-to-end way to
identify, select and apply one or more available updates, and install those
updates over the Internet.

As a result, IT managers, Managed Service Providers
(MSPs), and IT consultants can update all of their employees and clients
computers regardless of location in a timely, prioritized, and secure

LogMeIn’s new Windows patch management Support Windows 7,
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008
updates. Securely schedule and manage updates to off-LAN computers using
LogMeIn’s cloud-based connectivity platform.


Our client environments consist of desktops, laptops and
servers running multiple flavors of Windows.  Add in home and satellite
offices, and suddenly the manual and already time consuming process for
applying Windows updates can become cumbersome and the potential risks
associated with ‘unpatched’ computers can increase,” said Larry Velez, CTO,

The new Central and Pro capabilities introduce a quick,
reliable way to fix security vulnerabilities, address potential bugs, and
improve performance and stability on our client machines through a managed and
automated deployment of key updates.    


Today’s businesses are balancing centralized IT
management with increasingly decentralized and distributed workforces. And that’s adding to the inherent challenges and increasing complexity around
how IT professionals test, prioritize, and manage Windows updates,” said Andrew
Burton, vice president, Access and Management, LogMeIn.

By bringing together remote access and management with
patch management, we are now providing our users with a simple, yet effective
means of keeping remote computers secure and up to date,” Burton added.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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