Lyfe Communications initiates bandwidth upgrade program

Lyfe Communications announced a program to begin the
bandwidth improvements that will enable new service delivery to consumers in
underserved areas.

“Our goal is to acquire subscribers and deploy new
services,” said Greg Smith, founder and CEO of Lyfe Communications.

“This is what we set out to do. With a combination
of proprietary technologies and commonly available networks, we can take
underserved areas and add the digital services they have been missing due to
the more expensive capital and operating models of the traditional providers,”
Smith added.

Through this program, the company will increase its
capacity to serve more customers at existing service levels and add new, higher
capacity services to satisfy the growing consumer demand for connectivity.

The number of services the company provides in these
underserved areas will grow incrementally over the coming year until they meet
or exceed current and next generation triple play levels.

By team
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