MACH Unveils RoamHouse

MACH has launched RoamHouse, a wholly integrated and fully outsourced roaming service. Aimed at optimising revenues and driving efficiencies for operators looking to offer international roaming services, RoamHouse provides mobile operators with the full portfolio of solutions needed to operate roaming services.



The solution is expected to enable mobile network operators to enter or expand in the roaming space much more quickly, speeding up the time to market significantly while allowing the operator to focus on their core business.



In today’s increasingly complex telecoms landscape, a new generation of outsourced services is needed to fully address the requirements of modern operators. In order to stay ahead of the game when introducing new products and services, outsourcing is increasingly the most cost-effective and agile option for operators to access the expertise and resources needed to differentiate themselves.



We have already deployed RoamHouse with Movicel of Angola, where speed of implementation was key to their strategic aims, and we have signed full outsourcing agreements with leading operators in other countries. Next-generation outsourcing such as RoamHouse will be fundamental to supporting operators when expanding their business models, achieving greater margins and, ultimately, realising their business goals in an increasingly global market,” said Artur Michalczyk, chief product officer, MACH.



RoamHouse offers a new breed of outsourcing, provided on a partner rather than supplier basis, to enable mobile network operators to offer global reach while reducing costs and making significant operational efficiencies,” Michalczyk added.



MACH is already the largest and most successful outsourcing partner in the mobile roaming space. Today’s operator looks to outsourcing for a variety of reasons, whether driven by access to ‘best-in-class’ processes, supplier expertise, the need to re-engineer costs or a requirement to re-focus resources on core business and customer requirements.


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