Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Communication – Fastest growing Segment

Telecom Lead India: With the fast paced growth in the IT
and Technology sectors, globally, we are witnessing an era where even Machines
communicate with each other to make life easier for humans. The wireless
Machine to Machine (M2M) market is increasingly growing across the world and
covers a wide range of applications such as remote management, automotive,
metering, industrial data collection and healthcare. Some very interesting
developments have been made on the M2M business segment that enables machines
to communicate with each other efficiently, leading to the applications like
home security or even Vehicle tracking on the click of the cell phones!

Over the period of time M2M applications have become a
hot topic in the wireless industry. While M2M apps can be used for many
purposes (smart homes, smart metering/electricity meter reading, fleet
management, mobile workforce, automobile insurance, vending machines, etc), and
in many sectors (healthcare, agriculture, commercial, industrial, retail,
utility, etc.), smart metering applications – or smart grids – present the
biggest growth potential in the M2M market today.

Catching up with the trends in IT and Telecom and taking
India a step ahead in advanced technological interventions, Tata Teleservices
Ltd has decided to venture into this innovative segment to provide its
consumers with a completely new and lifetime experience. The M2M segment from Tata
DOCOMO offers an array of various Smart Grid solutions useful for the day to
day routine tasks like Smart Personal Car Tracking Solutions, Smart School Bus
Tracking Solutions, Smart Task Mobile Applications and Smart Retail Car
Tracking Solutions.

Tata DOCOMO has several revolutionary products in their
Smart Grid portfolio which caters to the Machine to Machine segment. The Tata
DOCOMO Smart Home Surveillance Solution is gaining much popularity these days,
in which customers can install a small wireless camera at their home and watch
live streaming video on their mobile phone itself. They can also control the
pan, tilt and zoom of the camera remotely through their mobile phones as well
as get SMS alerts in case motion is detected in their premises in their
absence, thus entailing complete security for their family and home.

Apart from this Tata DOCOMO also offers SmartBus Tracker
Solutions, which allows schools to track the position, speed and route of their
buses in real time. With this innovative product invention the partner schools
of Tata DOCOMO have not just streamlined their fleet operations, but are also
getting an overwhelming response from parents, as parents get SMS alerts on the
current position and expected time of arrival of the school bus, thereby easing
their anxiety about their wards. On similar lines, Tata DOCOMO is introducing a
more customized solution for car owners, the Tata DOCOMO SmartCar Tracker,
which allows them to track as well as secure their cars using their mobile
phone, wherever they are.

With such amazing M2M Smart Grid portfolio Tata DOCOMO is
all set to empower its customers with facilities which will reduce human
intervention and make life easier and better.

A P Sriram, chief operating officer, Tata Teleservices
Ltd, Karnataka Circle
[email protected]