Mahindra Satyam Inaugurates the Roche ODC at Hyderabad

Christian Hebich, global head, IT End-User & Operations Services, Roche, inaugurated the ODC which will be housed in Mahindra Satyam’s Infocity campus at Hyderabad.



The Center will deliver services on application development, testing, project management, communications and training to support the design, build and deployment of IT Lifecycle Services.



“Partnering for Success’ reflects our organizational commitment to seamlessly collaborate with Roche IT and treat their end-customers as our own. Our acknowledged and proven excellence in delivery quality will be leveraged even further, to support Roche’s accelerated business growth,” said Vikram Nair, senior vice president & head, Mahindra Satyam Europe.



The ODC inauguration is the beginning of a partnership between the two enterprises in the domain, which started with collaborative delivery of multiple services for the Process Alignment Program (PAP) to support the IT Lifecycle Services at the beginning of 2011.



The successful ‘Go-Live’ of the alignment project in 101 countries including Turkey, Brazil, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Poland, South Africa and India began in January this year.



We are extremely pleased that Roche is partnering with Mahindra Satyam. This partnership enables us to create and deliver additional value to customers. This clearly demonstrates the growing confidence Roche has in the Knowledge-based IT Industry in India.” said Girish Telang, vice-chairman & managing director, Roche Products (India) .



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