Major broadband provider taps Openet to offer unique view into usage history

Telecom Lead America: Openet announced that a provider of
video, high-speed data and voice services in the U.S has deployed a
comprehensive suite of Openet products.

The deployment has enabled cable customers of the service
provider to monitor how much broadband is used each month.


Marc Price, CTO Americas at Openet said that consumer
broadband usage varies from household to household, so it is clear that a
standard broadband plan might not be ideal for everyone.


He added that customers of the U.S provider can now make
an educated decision about what type of plan is best suited to help maintain a
desired level of online activity.


The broadband provider is utilizing the Openet Balance
Manager, Profile Manager and Policy Manager. With the help of
Openet solution, the broadband provider offers customers an online monitor that
tracks broadband usage for individual or household uses in a given month.


Based on an existing broadband plan, the monitor may also
reward consumers with discounts for not going over their monthly allocation of


The company said that broadband providers must understand
usage trends to effectively meet the current and imminent demand and be prepared
to offer a variety of plans that meet consumer needs including avoiding bill


The monitors are currently available to customers within
a trial market, with plans for nationwide deployment.


Openet provides tier one US carrier with Interaction Gateway
for signaling management


Last month, Openet was selected by a tier one U.S. mobile
operator for its Openet Interaction Gateway.


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