Managed security services hot due to growing threats, mobile devices, move to cloud

Despite the global economic meltdown that started in
mid-2008, the security services market is strong and growing, with demand
driven by the proliferation of security threats, growth in the use of mobile
devices, and the shift to the cloud. It’s often cheaper for companies to hire a
service provider to manage their security than to do it themselves, and with
the growing complexity of security solutions, this outsourcing trend will

We expect the managed security services market to grow
about 13 percent in 2011, and see healthy annual growth through at least 2015,
when we forecast it to reach $16.8 billion, with the strongest growth coming
from the SaaS segment,” said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security
at Infonetics Research.

Infonetics expects the security SaaS segment of the
market to more than double between 2011 and 2015 as companies wrestle to keep
up with the short window they have to protect themselves against Web threats
and to protect a geographically diverse user base accessing corporate data and
applications from an immense variety of devices.

By 2015, CPE-based security services revenue will drop to
54percent of the total managed security market while cloud-based services and
SaaS grow to 46percent.  

Small and medium organizations are increasing their
spending on managed security services, such that, by 2015, Infonetics expects
medium and large business to spend the same amount on security services, and
expects small organization spending to grow to more than quarter of the global

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