Marfin Laiki Bank deploys Newgen solutions to improve efficiency

Newgen Software Technologies, a provider of Business
Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), announced the
implementation of its BPM solution based on Workflow and Document Management
System (DMS) at Marfin Laiki Bank, Cyprus and Remote Image Server (RIS) at
Greece and Serbia.

Newgen’s solution comprising OmniFlow,
OmniDocs and OmniScan is expected to meet the Bank’s entire document processing
needs, ensure faster Turn Around Time (TAT), reduce operational costs, enhance
customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Marfin Laiki Bank is known for its innovating culture
and focus on bottom line. The bank was always on the lookout for embarking on
initiatives like enterprise content management and business process management
to introduce new ways of doing business, and improve operational efficiencies
and service levels,” said Solonas Matsias, group director Organisation, Marfin
Laiki Bank.

Newgen with its vast experience in the finance and
banking industry has been the ideal partner for us in realizing these
initiatives, as it offered us a complete, comprehensive and mature set of tools
and technologies that simply make things happen,” Matsias added.

Marfin Laiki Bank implemented 7 processes within 18
months and the document management solution serves in 3 different countries.
Another 4 processes and document management installations are under way to be
implemented in the next 6 months. The insight resulting from process and
content integration and streamlining enable us to do more with less. 

Newgen’s workflow and DMS offerings will help to
streamline process and reduce paper-based processing and improve TAT
significantly.  With this implementation, Newgen has further consolidated
its position in the banking space. We are aggressively working towards building
a strong partner base and work as a preferred partner for leading financial
institutions across the globe for making the Industry more efficient,” said
Diwakar Nigam, CEO at Newgen Software.

Newgen solution will pave the way for Marfin Laiki Bank
to expand its markets and grow its customer base with faster and efficient
services. Newgen’s end-to-end solution will ensure seamless integration with
core applications. The key processes being automated include, Staff Loan
processing, Customer fund transfer, customer Creation, Cash Order Approval and
Circulation in Branches, Customer Limits Creation and Maintenance, Processing
of Customer Maintenance Request and Processing of Reported Fraud Incidents.

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