Matrix Comsec announces interoperability of Cetis IP-Phones with hospitality IP-PBXs


part of the strategic focus on hospitality segment for telephony solution,
Matrix Comsec announced interoperability of Cetis make Teledex and TeleMatrix
IP-Phones with its range of hospitality IP-PBXs.


this segment specific interoperability initiative, Matrix aims to offer more
user terminal alternatives to hoteliers and strengthen its presence in hotel
telephony solution market.


TeleMatrix and Teledex range of IP phones were tested by Matrix’s R&D team
and are now interoperable with Matrix IP-PBX. The testing included
interoperability of basic and advanced call management feature transparency
between IP-PBX and IP-Phones.


Matrix ETERNITY is a feature rich IP-PBX designed to meet the diverse communication
needs of hospitality industry. It incorporates specialized hospitality module,
third-party PMS and CAS support and many other utilitarian and productivity
enhancing features along with support for PSTN, GSM/3G, ISDN and IP networks.
The IP-PBX actively contributes in routine functioning of the hotel with the increased
staff mobility and productivity.


has developed a fine range of IP-Phones compatible with IP-PBXs, to further
increase customer value, we have identified the need to offer more purchase
alternatives of IP end-terminals to hoteliers” said Ruchir Talati, product
manager, Enterprise Division for Matrix.


has good market reach and is known for their hotel specific IP-Phones. To
strengthen Matrix presence in hospitality domain, the bundled solution of
Matrix IP-PBX with Cetis IP-Phones will offer comprehensive solution with
extended IP end-terminal alternatives for guest rooms.


interoperability will increase the scope of hoteliers to buy a reliable,
feature rich and value for money comprehensive hotel telephony system – Matrix
IP-PBX with an alternative to select compatible IP end-terminals from the
exclusive range of Cetis IP-Phones.


Matrix Comsec has introduced
its COSEC range of Time-Attendance and Access Control System in the
international market. Matrix COSEC is a biometric fingerprint and RFID card
based Time-Attendance and Access Control system, designed to provide
comprehensive solution for small, medium and large enterprises.


With Ethernet and WiFi based hardware architecture COSEC offers the option to start as a small setup with a
single door, which can easily scale along with the growing business. This
versatile solution comes with web-based management software that can monitor
and control up to 1000 locations, 10,000 doors and 1,00,0000 users in


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