Matrix Comsec IP-PBX now interoperable with SURiX IP door phone

Telecom Lead America: Matrix Comsec, a provider of IP-PBXs, VoIP Gateways and IP Phones, announced joint interoperability with SURiX, a provider of advanced door phone systems development in Latin America.

As part of this partnership, Matrix announced interoperability of SURiX make SIP VoIP door phone with its range of IP-PBXs.

With this specific interoperability initiative, Matrix aims to offer more security accessories alternatives to customers and strengthen its presence in telephony solution market. Matrix IP-PBX users will also get an alternative to select compatible IP door phone from the exclusive range of SURiX SIP VoIP door phones.

“Matrix has developed a fine range of IP-PBXs, to further increase customer value and to enhance companies’ security, we have identified the need to offer more purchase alternatives of IP door phone,” said Ruchir Talati, product manager – Enterprise Phone Systems for Matrix.

SURiX’s IP Access is a full SIP VoIP door phone that can be used to increase companies’ security and to provide more effective visitor screening and enable users to open a door from any extension of the Matrix IP-PBX. Additionally, it can be programmed to call a SIP phone through Matrix IP-PBX, making it ideal for long distance communication.

“This integration will build a comprehensive, reliable and value-for-money solution for our customers. Security is our focus area and we are committed to design and deliver value for money solutions for our customers. This endeavor is one more step towards the fulfillment of the extended commitment to our customers,” Ruchir Talati concluded.

“The combination of SURiX and Matrix IP-PBX will allow customers to seamlessly integrate a door phone with an IP telephony system, maximizing ease of use and efficiency,” explained Sergio Starkloff, CEO of SURiX. “Users can now avoid complicated solutions of a physical wired door phone. Today, the solution is simple and having plug-and-play installation.”

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