Matrix unveils Slim-line Trading Turret for Productive Trading Communication

Telecom Lead Team
: Matrix has introduced EON141, a Digital Trading Terminal
specifically designed for traders to increase their productivity and efficiency
during critical business hours. EON141 is the slim-line and rugged trading
turret with Push-to-Mute handsets targeted to small-medium sized trading firms.

The launch is
significant for the industry as trading houses are business places where the
combination of a skilled trader and an efficient technology stimulate the
business growth and revenue at the large. Trading turret is the technology that
enables skilled traders and dealers to prioritize the incoming calls from
investors and member firms. Moreover the simple to use and easy to configure
solutions are need of the hour for trading rooms to increase effectiveness and
faster decision making.


Combined with
Matrix’s ETERNITY ME range of IP-PBXs, EON141 helps traders to streamline with
back office operations without the need of keeping multiple telephones. Traders
will be offered the comprehensive range of call handling options for incoming calls,
conferencing capability and outgoing call routing through the cost effective
trunk,” said Ruchir Talati, business Manager, Enterprise Communication Division
of Matrix Comsec.


EON141 offers 4 pages
with 84 speed dial keys per page along with call status indication to reach
desired banker or investor in no time. In addition, it offers dedicated keys
for pagination, trader login, voice mail and call logs along with additional
user programmable keys and call control keys for extended flexibility. Privacy
is the major concern for trading firms and the Single-touch Privacy key on
turret will offer the immediate secured conversation facility to traders.


flagship IP-PBX from Matrix, with the network support for PSTN, IP and GSM.
EON141 integrates easily with this platform, offering the perfect blend of
technology and features for trading rooms.


We look forward to
strengthen our share in trade exchanges, hedge funds, brokers, power traders
and other similar applications with the introduction of EON141,” Ruchir added.


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