Maxim Power SoC chipset in Galaxy S III

Telecom Lead Asia: Maxim Integrated Products said its
Power SoC chipset in the Galaxy S III operates with the Exynos 4412 quad-core
applications processor to provide an efficient smartphone.


Maxim’s Power SoC chipset covers power management,
charging, and USB multiplexing needs.

It provides a balance between size and flexibility to
power the Samsung applications processor and baseband processor.

It maximizes battery usage and enhances USB connectivity.
Managing the power for upwards of 60 channels, the chipset offers up to 20
percent more conversion efficiency compared to the previous generation.

Maxim’s Green Mode regulators and subregulation
architecture, along with the company’s low-power, submicron geometry process,
extend standby and active battery life. The chipset also enables fastest
battery charging with minimal heat generation. High integration and advanced
design techniques reduce the size, thickness, and number of external components
so smartphones become even thinner.

The third Power SoC provides numerous integrated
functions, including a battery charger, a haptic motor driver, high-accuracy
ModelGauge technology that maximizes battery usage, and the ability to use a
single USB connector for charging or connecting accessories.

“Customers are demanding the smallest possible,
most-efficient power solution, so end users can enjoy all-day use of the latest
multimedia features. Our Power SoC enables a 30 percent reduction in power
solution size, while increasing efficiency by up to 20 percent compared to the
previous generation,” said Chae Lee, senior vice president, Mobility Group
at Maxim Integrated Products.

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