McAfee Launches Cloud Security Platform with Additional Security for Web and Mobile

McAfee has announced the McAfee Cloud Security Platform, an innovative new approach to helping organizations safely and efficiently take advantage of cloud computing. The new platform achieves this by securing all content and data traffic – including email, web and identity traffic – moving between an organization and the Cloud.



Once you move data or applications to the Cloud, you essentially lose most – if not all – of your security visibility, which most organizations find unacceptable”,  said Marc Olesen, SVP and GM, Content and Cloud Security, McAfee. By securing the data and traffic before it travels to or through the Cloud, we help businesses extend their security practices and policies into the Cloud”.



The McAfee Cloud Security Platform delivers security through highly integrated, modular solutions that protect both inbound and outbound traffic moving between the enterprise and the public cloud. 



Today, the platform offers Web Security – McAfee Web Security provides bi-directional protection for both incoming and outgoing web traffic through proactive reputation – and intent-based protection, Mobile Security – Web traffic generated by smart phones and tablets can be directed through the McAfee Web Gateway using standard device management.



This ensures that mobile devices are secured with advanced anti-malware protection and corporate web filtering policies, Cloud Access Control -The Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360, helps enable an Enterprise or Cloud Provider to provide comprehensive access control for cloud applications using Enterprise identities, Email Security – McAfee Email Security delivers total email protection, integrating comprehensive inbound threat protection with outbound data loss prevention, Web Services Security – The Intel Expressway Service Gateway offloads application level API security, data transformation, REST to SOAP mediation, and identity token exchange, to a high speed gateway at the network edge or in the cloud.



Another key aspect of ensuring Cloud security is making sure organizations identify data that should or should not be moved to the Cloud. Using McAfee’s Data Loss Prevention solution, organizations can first understand where its data resides, classify that data in terms of importance or sensitivity, build policies to protect that data, and then enforce those policies while data travels within or outside the organization to the Cloud. 



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