MEMS market to reach $5.4 billion in 2017: Global Information

Telecom Lead India: The Microelectromechanical
systems (MEMS) market tripled from 2009 to 2011, and the market for MEMS in
cell phones and tablets is expected to grow 19.8 percent to reach $5.4 billion
in value by 2017, according to Global Information.


ST Microelectronics is the number one supplier with $477
million cellphone and tablet revenue in 2011.


Microelectronics dominates the MEMS accelerometer market
and had an impressive start with MEMS gyroscopes, and only is challenged by
InvenSense while it continues to expand into many other MEMS devices to become
a one-stop supplier.


The report says that MEMS devices can be divided in to
three categories and that are Motion sensors, MEMS microphones, and BAW filters
and duplexers. The report notes these categories have high volume production in


Many other MEMS products are still under development.
Yole Development’s new MEMS market research report, MEMS For Cell
Phones & Tablets, highlights that novel MEMS opportunities need to be
watched as they will fuel this market significantly: pressure sensors,
inertial sensors, RF MEMS switches,  Oscillators, MEMS auto-focus,
microdisplays, microspeakers, environmental sensors, touchscreen, joysticks.


Digital microelectromechanical systems microphones market to
reach $315 million in 2013


Recently, IHS iSuppli said revenue for digital
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphones will reach $315 million in
2013, compared to $261 million for the analog MEMS equivalents.


Revenue for digital MEMS microphones is set to
overtake the analog segment next year for the first time ever, driven by their
use in iPad and iPad 2.


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