Meru acquires Identity Networks


Meru Networks, a provider of 802.11n wireless LAN,
announced that it has acquired Identity Networks, a provider of secure guest
and device access management solution.


Through the acquisition, Meru customers can provide
secure, policy based, wired and wireless network access for guests and
employees that bring their own devices (BYOD) into the enterprise.


The Identity Networks product has been used across the
Meru  installed base
as an integrated, third-party security solution, and is proven to work in a
variety of environments. It provides simple provisioning capabilities and
automatic notification services that give guests their access credentials by
email or SMS.


It also includes powerful reporting, auditing and
customization capabilities. The Identity Networks system is highly scalable,
flexible and decreases the IT burden of guest provisioning and management as
guests can be given access by non-IT personnel such as reception and
administrative staff members.


“Enterprises must provide secure, auditable access
to hundreds, or even thousands of devices that enter the enterprise
daily,” said Kamal Anand, senior vice president of Product Management.


“Provisioning, managing and securing network access
for guest and employee owned Wi-Fi devices can be a tedious and inefficient
process especially as the number and variety of devices multiplies within the
environment. The addition of Identity Networks to the Meru family of security
products builds upon our already strong security offerings, and provides
another important component of overall network security. These advancements are
critical as we look forward to the all wireless enterprise of the future,”
Anand added.


Recently, Meru Networks was recognized
for its expanding global leadership in the mid-tier and enterprise wireless
networking market.


The company was credited for its outstanding achievements
in building technologically advanced WLAN infrastructure and for its wireless
networking range with ITP Technology Group’s 2011 Network Middle East
Innovation Award.


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