Meru Networks launches low-cost wireless and wired access solution

Telecom Lead America: Meru Networks has launched the
AP110 access point, a new low-cost wireless and wired access solution for
branch offices, telecommuters and mobile or traveling individuals.


The company claims that the Meru AP110 enables secure,
virtualized Wi-Fi access to corporate networks, applications and resources and
eliminates the need for VPN infrastructure.  Moreover, the Meru AP110
reduces cost, provides connectivity options and gives IT simple control of
network access and services for remote users.

“The traditional definition of the datacenter is
changing.  Users demand access from a variety of devices, from a variety
of locations – home offices, remote offices, hotels and other locations.
Meru is dedicated to providing optimal connectivity and quality of service for
these users and the IT departments that support them,” said Kamal Anand,
senior vice president of products for Meru Networks.


The Meru AP110 is a two-stream 802.11n wireless access
point designed for data, voice, and video applications in off-site virtual
office environments.


Moreover, the AP110 provides secure wireless access to
the corporate network with easy plug and play, zero touch deployment
capabilities. The AP110 is suitable for providing in-room access to corporate
network resource in hotel rooms, private offices or remote locations making it
possible for workers to be productive remotely.


The AP110 access point is designed to integrate with Meru
controllers, the System Director wireless operating system, and Meru management
tools to enable enterprise-class wireless service.


Built-in TLS-VPN encryption allows the AP110 to tunnel
back to Meru System Director operating system in the corporate datacenter.
System Director recognizes the AP110 and controls it just as it controls other
access points on the internal wireless network.


The AP110 can support multiple high-bandwidth
applications simultaneously, maximizing productivity for remote users. The
AP110 can support up to 10 devices simultaneously and is designed for minimal
IT support, reducing expensive IT overhead for remote offices.


Meru Networks and Wavelink to expand team to address Australian
enterprises market


Recently, Meru Networks and Wavelink, its Australian
distributor, announced that they will expand its team in Australia to address
growing demands of enterprises.



Meru will add a team of technical sales professionals
including territory account managers and sales engineers. The expansion will
enable Meru Networks to focus on target markets including education,
healthcare, enterprise, government and hospitality.


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