Micro Focus expands Borland testing and management product line

Telecom Lead India: Micro Focus, a provider
of enterprise application
modernization, testing and management solutions, has broadened
its Borland testing and management product portfolio with the launch of Caliber


Some businesses still mismanage their requirements
process and as a result sometimes have their business and development teams out
of sync. Caliber keeps everyone in sync by encouraging wider participation and
collaboration between analysts and developers in the definition, validation and
optimization of requirements. It’s an agile solution that gives organizations
the control to capture and track the right requirements throughout all stages
of development thereby ensuring the business keeps its competitive edge,” said
Archie Roboostoff, Borland Solutions portfolio director at Micro Focus.


The Caliber 10.1 focuses on providing improved end-to-end
requirements integration means, so that organizations can develop the right
software the business needs, from the outset, removing the costs that are
associated with risk.


It helps establish early and ongoing involvement from all
stakeholders, thereby ensuring that developer managers and business analysts
can effectively manage expectations and bridge the gap that often exist between
business and IT.


The Caliber 10.1 offers new capabilities that include a
tighter integration between CaliberRM and CaliberRDM. The synergy between
visual and text-based requirements provides better shared goals for all
stakeholders, giving the software development and business analyst teams the
tools needed to establish implementation consensus early on and then maintain a
common vision.


Recently,  Micro Focus launched SilkPerformer, a software application performance testing
solution that now supports performance testing of mobile web


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