Microsoft announces gift list for Microsoft Windows buyers

It is time for selecting your gifts. Microsoft shares a
list of Microsoft
Windows powered products for enterprises and individual users. 

Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800, a device that makes Lust” a virtue
rather than a sin. A stunning piece available in 3 beautiful colors including
black, magenta and cyan, Nokia Lumia 800 is a product of desire. Windows
Phone will deliver an unmatched experience, so she can elegantly glide life,
all with the swish of a finger. 

Surely a gift your girl will warm up to instantly.
(Microsoft did not share the price of Nokia Lumia 800)

 Dell Inspiron 15R:

Dell’s new all-in-one PC is loaded with Windows7 Home
Basic and is  a perfect choice for ever-so-perfect daughter to not only
watch but also give wings to her imagination in creating movies on the movie
maker. With a 23-inch 1080p display and an HD webcam, Dell Inspiron 15R comes
ready for games, movies, video chat and a lot more.

Dell Inspiron 15R is priced at Rs 38,990.

Lenovo Idea Centre B350

Lenovo Idea Centre B350 is loaded with Windows 7 Home
Premium and plenty of forward-looking technology. Lenovo All-in-One B320 is the
hassle-free, seamless answer for your geeky brother.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B Series is priced at Rs 71,990.

Sony VAIO (SA Series)

Available in vibrant colours, Sony VAIO SA Series runs on
Windows 7 Starter Edition. Allow her the madness of storing thousands of
wallpapers, photos, music and video files and let her feel happy by sharing
pictures and images of her upcoming vacation to keep her social life 

Sony Vaio SA25 is priced at Rs 79,990.

Acer Aspire

Acer Aspire AS5755 Notebook will prove to be his closest
aide. It offers the perfect widescreen enjoyment and smooth multitasking with
excellent processor performance, the latest connectivity technology and
impressive graphics.  Windows 7 Home Basic gives your married-to-work
hubby an easy access to all features he needs for the next impactful
presentation. The lightweight feel and cool styling make this ‘looker’ great
for professionals and mobile workers alike.

Acer Aspire AS5755 is priced at Rs 29,999.

HP Pavilion DV6 Series

HP Pavilion will make your rockstar kid’s world rock on
with Windows7 Home Premium, your tech-crazy son will love to share and stream
his music and videos smoothly. With this power-packed entertainment device, he
will unlock all the sounds that musicians and producers have perfected in their
studios. The HP Pavilion is a full-function PC to give your rockstar the
perfect performance and impressive speed for an enriched experience in

HP Pavilion DV6 Series is priced at Rs 56,990.

HTC Radar

With HTC Radar Windows Phone, you can create a special
bond with all your friends and family with the stunning piece of hardware
powered by Windows Phone operating system.  Simply flick a finger left and
right to jump between the Live Tiles and the list of downloaded applications,
customize your home screen as per your moods with really cool applications
through the killer feature, ‘People Hub’. What’s more, the HTC Radar gives you
a complete multitasking experience with third-party apps, as well as the fastest
and coolest browsing Internet Explorer 9.

HTC Radar is priced at Rs 23,990.

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