MNG Global unveils data center TCO ModelSM

TMNG Global, a provider of professional
services and software solutions to communications, digital media, and
technology industries, launched Data Center TCO ModelSM.

ModelSM provides view of total capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating
expenditures (OpEx) for data center strategic planning, consolidation and
ongoing operations.  The proprietary model is unique in its ability to
simultaneously perform side-by-side comparisons of various alternatives in a single
view, enabling IT executives to see the total cost of their full range of

“TMNG Global’s experts have designed our Data Center TCO ModelSM to
provide Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) and other enterprises with the critical
financial information they need to make the right strategic data center
decisions,” said Rich Nespola, chairman and CEO, TMNG Global.  

the most comprehensive set of cost components in the industry, our TCO Model is
a necessary prerequisite for IT executive decision – making, whether the need
is to determine optimal site selection for a new data center build, to expand
or consolidate existing data centers, or to augment existing centers via
collocation,” added Nespola.

launch of the Data Center TCO ModelSM is the fifth in a series of Cloud
initiatives that TMNG Global is announcing in 2011.

“Our clients are seeing data center TCO improve by as much as 30 percent
in initial costs and 35percent in ongoing expenses through the model’s ability
to incorporate cost components such as taxes, insurance, labor rates, and
climate impacts on heating and cooling costs, from one geographic location to
another,” said Joe Sharkey, vice president of TMNG Global and chief
architect of the Data Center TCO Model. 

when coupled with our eLexicon toolset that has nearly 700 data center
requirements, we deliver to our clients a complete package of the information
they must have to make the right data center decisions,” Sharkey added.

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