Mobeep to expand in Middle East, India, Latin America and Asia





Mobeep, a mobile application store with various free mobile applications for major mobile platforms such as Android and Symbian, will expand in regions such as the Middle East, India, Latin America and Asia.






Mobeep’s expansion strategy will be based on the concept of glocalization; fusing language compatibility with the latest mobile technology, thus providing global users with localized content for a more enjoyable, effective and efficient mobile app browsing experience.






The decision to enter new markets was backed by the results of a study that was commissioned by the company, which predicted a huge surge in the number of mobile app downloads and the overall size of the global mobile app market.






The mobile application marketplace will reach $29 billion by 2015, according to a news report from the Phoenix Business Journal. This is another confirmation of the huge worldwide trend which is the proliferation of app stores.






The mobile app market was $6.8 billion this year, the report says, but will grow steadily over the next four years to reach $29 billion. Overall the market for mobile application is growing big and fast. In-Stat estimates mobile software application downloads to reach nearly $48 billion in 2015.









Mobeep is a global product that reaches out to millions of users; nonetheless, we also strongly believe in localization of contents as we understand that our user base is unique and diverse” said Mike. Mobeep’s expansion to other markets underlines our commitment to provide global consumers with an innovative user experience,” said Mike Pearse, CEO of Ozura World and Mobeep.






Mobeep’s development team is currently working to extend the service on to other popular languages such as Japanese, Korean and Spanish in other countries so that the vision of bringing this global product to a localized form can be achieved. Besides that, services and apps will be tweaked so that apps that are developed as a local based service will appear on the top as the user uses Mobeep’s personalized search engine.






We realized that often times local based service apps are ignored because they were not widely reviewed as compared to apps that are appealing to the international audience. So we have to take the step and promote local apps to the locals of their respective countries so that they can discover this hidden gem that will serve their daily routine as well as fulfilling certain necessities of theirs,” Mike added.






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