Mobile business intelligence entering mainstream through apps


By Telecom
Lead Team:
Google Android and Apple iOS are considered the most important
platforms for mobile BI, according to the findings of survey conducted by

A global
survey of approximately 500 Jaspersoft community members revealed that 93
percent believe there are advantages to accessing BI tools on mobile

The survey
claimed two thirds of organizations have already deployed BI tools on mobile
devices, which demonstrates that the hype around mobile BI may well
be translating into action, as businesses begin to realize the benefits of this
growing trend.

In the
Jaspersoft survey, 497 global Jaspersoft community members shared their views
on mobile BI.  In addition to the increasing adoption of mobile BI
overall, 43 percent are currently developing mobile applications.

more decision makers working beyond the office walls, supported by the
proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, mobile BI is
increasingly important for management teams to analyze key information necessary
for decision-making. 2012 looks like the year we’ll see accelerated adoption of
mobile BI, and it will come from BI-enabled mobile applications,” said Jim
Bell, CMO of Jaspersoft.

38 percent of
the total respondents are planning to deploy mobile BI and over half believe
that instant collaboration based on real time data and the ability to create
self-service reports on-the-go would be important.

According to
Gartner’s Predicts 2011 report, more than 33 percent of BI functionality
will be consumed by handheld devices by 2013, and the number of BI users will
increase substantially to include a more mainstream audience.

The company
said that organizations want an easy-to-use BI interface, but mobile BI is
rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, and its open source mobile SDK is a great
example of providing developers with the flexibility to tailor mobile BI to
their applications.

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