Mobile devices make managers work more outside office hours

Mobile devices allow almost a quarter of managers to work
beyond regular office hours more often, according to results of a recent study conducted
among 300 Dutch managers for Kadenza by researcher SSI.

SSI surveyed managers on the use of their tablets and
smartphones, in a personal as well as a business context, to understand the
current need for Mobile BI (Business Intelligence). Twenty-four percent of all
managers who own a smartphone and 20 percent who own a tablet have started to
work outside office hours more frequently.

Managers focus on personal and traditional activities,
however, when using their mobile devices, such as phoning and texting.
Smartphone users only spend 3 percent of their time logging into business
applications, while tablet owners spend just 7 percent.

Most managers need insight into turnover (42 percent),
costs (51 percent) and customer satisfaction (42 percent) on their mobile
devices. A remarkable outcome is that only 10 percent of managers claim they
need real-time business information.

Around 37 percent of company owners say that they do not
need up-to-date company information.

Of all managers who own tablets, 60 percent use them
regularly to make decisions. In addition, 45 percent of all managers with
tablets and 50 percent with smartphones have started to use their devices more
often over the past 2 years when making decisions.

However, desktop and e-mail are still the most important
tools for receiving up-to-date information. Moreover, personal interactions are
the most important information source for decision making.

The need for Mobile BI is on its way but slowly. The
research shows that the use of mobile for business applications is still far
behind the use of mobile for personal activities.

This shows that managers have not yet included mobile in
their core businesses’ activities. Though we can’t deny the increased need for
information worldwide, our survey shows that managers’ need for up-to-date
business information is lagging. This might be explained by the lack of
flexible and solid business applications,” said Erik Leene, CEO at Kadenza.

Through the execution and presentation of this survey
giving critical insight into the opportunities and challenges for companies
considering using Mobile Business Intelligence solutions.

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