Mobile Symmetry and TARGUSinfo launch mobile identification services


TARGUSinfo and Mobile Symmetry unveiled the next
generation of mobile identification services to the wireless carrier market.
The two companies are combining the power of TARGUSinfo’s unmatched,
authoritative data repository with the innovative contact management system
created by Mobile Symmetry.


The partnership forms the definitive service in next
generation caller identification (CallerID), and is available using any mobile
carrier as an application on Android or BlackBerry Operating Systems, or on all
mobile phones as a mobile web application.


Mobile Symmetry provides
subscribers with a totally secure, constantly updated directory of mobile
contact information including users’ communication preferences.


Once in the database, each user manages his or her
profile based upon personal preferences – determining what information to share
publicly, with other Mobile Symmetry users, with business colleagues, or keep


In today’s mobile world, determining whether or not to
answer a call goes beyond simply knowing who is on the other end of the line.
Our service allows customers to determine call relevance and relationship, and
provides visual identification on incoming calls,” said Jim Patterson, founder
and chief executive officer, Mobile Symmetry.


Because TARGUSinfo is the undisputed leader in the
caller name business, and provides the most complete, accurate caller name
service available, they are the ideal partner to help Mobile Symmetry identify
unknown calls for subscribers,” Patterson added.


When the calling party is not in the Mobile Symmetry
database, TARGUSinfo’s real-time engineering platform I.A.N. (identifiers,
attributes and network) steps in to provide authoritative caller identification
services including calling party name and city and state.


Applications like Mobile Symmetry are rapidly changing
the mobile communications and contact management landscape. This partnership
represents a logical extension of our first to market mobile CallerID
deployments over the last several years,” said Clayton LiaBraaten, senior vice
president and general manager, Carrier and Mobile Markets, TARGUSinfo.


For a decade TARGUSinfo has been the information
services provider of choice for telecommunications carriers. We’re excited to
put that experience to work, in tandem with Mobile Symmetry, to help mobile
carriers further personalize mobile identification for their customers in
either a branded or white label model,” LiaBraaten added.


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