Mobile World Congress 2013: cVidya to showcase new centralized analytics platform

Telecom Lead Europe: cVidya Networks will showcases its new centralized analytics platform at Mobile World Congress 2013.

The new centralized analytics platform powers telecom operators to strategically make informed marketing and risk management decisions based on data aggregated from across silos within the organization.

Telecom operators will benefit as the information data and tools cVidya supplies in each area from Revenue Assurance to Fraud protection to marketing analytics are presented through relevant dashboards allowing the operators to make insightful decisions.

The new analytics capabilities help maximize mobile operator’s margins in every aspect of their business, from internal changes to sales channels and customer offerings. By providing different solutions serving different types of departments, cVidya’s solutions provide greater insights for the operator as a single entity.

Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya

In addition the operational tools such as MoneyMap, FraudView, ProactiV and Advisor solutions are used to define the relevant rules to optimize the business activities in each relevant department.

cVidya will showcase its full suite of products at Mobile World Congress.

Some of the tools will include: Revenue Assurance and Fraud risks identification for Mobile Money services and potential breach protection in M2M offerings. It will demonstrate how the platforms help grow the business through allowing CSPs to target customers with the best LTE offering, identifying the Next Best Action for high profit customers and forecasting the ARPU impact on the segments in target.

Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya, says its technology solutions enable CSPs to make the best choices in any business decision related to revenue leakage and risk management by providing greater insight in each department and allowing them to operate as a single entity.

Recently, Telefonica LATAM extended Revenue Assurance (RA) training with cVidya’s Education Center. Revenue Intelligence solutions provider cVidya Networks said as part of the present follow up deal, Telefonica LATAM has purchased an additional 70 seats for the Advanced RA course.


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