Mobile World Congress: Ericsson showcases virtual data center manager

By Telecom Lead Team: Ericsson is showcasing a virtual
data center manager solution based on OpenStack.


The demonstration at the 2012 Mobile World Congress will
be conducted using a test bed consisting of three data centers, distributed
across different continents. Slices of virtual data centers are created at the
three physical locations and are bound together through elastic networking.
This forms a separate distributed virtual private cloud, with seamless
end-to-end operation and multi-tenant support provided by associating one or
several distributed virtual private clouds with each tenant.

The physical data centers are divided into virtual data
centers, meaning that the physical resources are shared in a secure manner,
where the logical resources are securely isolated.


Ericsson has integrated an automated service-level agreement
(SLA) resolution and deployment that allows for differentiation of services and
users under classic operator quality of service guarantees, providing
SLA-enabled cloud services. The tool saves time and money by automating the
deployment of cloud services or applications.


Ericsson and recently acquired Telcordia are
demonstrating an integrated cloud-management stack based on OpenStack. The
integration of Ericsson solutions with Telcordia products provides a credible
cloud-management solution for provisioning carrier-grade cloud services and


“By joining OpenStack, Ericsson commits to
contributing to the development of the OpenStack suite, providing operators
with alternative cloud-infrastructure solutions. Our support of OpenStack,
together with our work in the Distributed Management Task Force on Open
Virtualization Format, will help to bring cloud technologies into the telecom
domain, while ensuring support for classic telecom quality of service and the
concept of service-level agreements,” said Douglas Gilstrap, senior vice
president and head of Group Function Strategy at Ericsson.


Ericsson has joined the OpenStack project, an open-source
community dedicated to creating cloud software. Ericsson will contribute to
further developing OpenStack to support carrier-grade services and
applications. OpenStack provides a flexible alternative cloud management
solution that is based on open-source components.


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