Mobile World Congress: Juniper Networks CEO to discuss mobile innovation industry

By Telecom Lead Team: The keynote address of Juniper
Networks CEO Kevin Johnson at Mobile World Congress will define major
opportunities to create innovation and value in the mobile industry during the
next decade.


According to Juniper Networks, the mobile industry innovation
will be guided by three imperatives:


1)      Establish a
cross-industry Trusted Mobility initiative to allow subscribers, enterprises
and operators to protect, manage and secure their data from the device to the
data center.


2)      Create an open,
programmable network to develop and deploy innovative, personalized and
profitable new mobile services.


3)      Build a symmetrical
Internet, where the upload of data and video is supported equal to the


Trusted Mobility is Juniper’s vision of a reliable mobile
experience that empowers consumers, businesses and service providers to realize
the potential of mobility. Johnson views Trusted Mobility as an industry-wide
benchmark and success factor for continued growth.


The race is on to create and deliver the next wave of
applications and services. In the decade ahead, we will experience new mobile services that we have never
before imagined. By focusing our innovation efforts around the three imperatives of open,
programmable networks, trusted mobility and creating a symmetrical Internet, the amazing Internet innovations
that we have seen in the past 10 years will pale in comparison to what we will create in the next decade,”
said Kevin Johnson, CEO, Juniper Networks.


Juniper Networks Junos Pulse addresses threat to mobile
users and devices with a comprehensive device protection and management
solution that enables a highly scalable SaaS (Security as a Service) offering available for smart phones and
tablets, while Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways deliver high-performance security solutions for
enterprises and service providers in an easily managed platform.


With an Open, Programmable Network, operators will be
able to drive increased operational efficiencies, personalize services and
shift business models towards value-based pricing.


Juniper Networks recently introduced its ACX Universal
Access Routing solution which extends network intelligence closer to the
subscriber and features an open, standards-based management system
withSDK-enabled programmability to enable rapid third party innovation. These
capabilities enable key Juniper partners to further enhance their solutions and
help service providers better address the ever-changing demands of the dynamic
mobile marketplace.


A third requirement for innovation is a Symmetrical
Internet that supports the upload traffic capacity and security with the same bandwidth that is
allocated for the download traffic.


Designed to meet dynamic traffic patterns of a
smartphone-centric world, Juniper Networks MobileNext Broadband Gateway is enabling service
providers around the world to exceed the mobile quality, reliability and speed expectations
of its subscribers. With 4G/LTE performance validated by EANTC, MobileNext builds in
higher scalability and lower network management expenses for improved operator profitability.


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