Mobilink taps KXEN InfiniteInsight to up campaign response

Telecom Lead Asia: KXEN, a provider of predictive
analytics for business users, has claimed that Mobilink, a cellular
service provider in Pakistan, has observed up to a 380 percent boost in
campaign response rates using KXEN’s InfiniteInsight Social for social
network analysis.

KXEN said that its InfiniteInsight Social has enabled
Mobilink to understand communities of consumers and key influencers by
analyzing billions of phone calls, SMS texts and MMS messages.

The solution has allowed the telco to use insights
acquired to improve efficiency, loyalty, and to save costs.

Mirza Yousaf, assistant manager of Advanced Analytics at
Mobilink, said that the usage of InfiniteInsight Modeler has allowed the
company to precisely target customers. The uptake of customer retention offers
has soared eight-fold, from .5 percent to about 4 percent.

He added that 99 percent of Mobilink subscribers are pre-paid
with no contract commitment, therfore every interaction with the customer is
critical to retain their business.

Mobilink is owned by Orascom Telecom and has more than 35
million subscribers, and its 32,500 sales people serve 200,000 retailers in more
than 10,000 cities, towns, and villages across the country.

John Ball, Chief Executive Officer of KXEN, said that
Mobilink’s success demonstrates how applying social network analysis to
millions of subscribers and billions of call records can significantly improve
customer insight.

Using InfiniteInsight Social, Mobilink analyzes billions
of monthly call detail records (CDRs), including phone calls, SMS texts and MMS
messages among more than 70 million phone numbers.

Yousaf said that the company has seen so many potential
applications across its business by using KXEN solution,  including viral
marketing initiatives to convert pre-paid subscribers to monthly subscriptions,
detecting multi-SIM users and rotational churners, and making more personalized
product recommendations.

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