Mobiquity selected by NORC at the University of Chicago to leverage mobile innovation

Mobiquity announced it has been selected by NORC at the
University of Chicago to help it leverage mobile computing to transform the way
NORC interacts with its stakeholders.

“In today’s fast-changing business climate, standalone
mobile apps aren’t enough to help an organization gain significant ROI
opportunities,” said Scott Snyder, president and chief strategy officer of

Companies must securely integrate mobile technology into
their business architecture and IT infrastructure not just deploys it in a
silo. NORC likewise recognizes the tremendous potential mobile computing has to
transform processes for both its internal and external stakeholders.

NORC is a national leader in social sciences research for the public good, providing
its global client base with the data and analysis that supports informed
decision-making in a variety of key areas.

The organization has traditionally conducted research
operations primarily through high touch, traditional channels with researchers
in the field.

will leverage its unique methodology and deep mobile computing expertise to
identify mobile innovation opportunities for NORC through its proprietary
Mobile Innovation Workshop.

Mobiquity will also work with NORC to identify and
prioritize mobile solutions with the highest ROI, and develop a comprehensive
Mobile Playbook that positions NORC to leverage the next wave of advances in
mobile computing and communications.

“NORC recognizes that mobile computing can help us
innovate in new ways that benefit both our customers and the way our employees
do business. We sought a mobile partner that could collaborate with us to
develop a comprehensive vision for how mobile can most effectively help our
organization as well as the know-how to help us make that vision a reality,”
said Ron Jurek, CIO of NORC.

Recently, Mobiquity announced
it has entered into a strategic partnership with Apperian, a mobile application
management company.

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