Molex boosts electronic content in vehicles


Molex has expanded its support to commercial vehicle OEMs
and suppliers with a broad portfolio of connectors, cables, and assembly
options for industrial vehicles and equipment, recreational vehicles,
construction equipment, marine equipment, and industrial control modules,
radios, pumps and sensors.


The industry has driven development of feature-rich
connectivity solutions for vehicle cab and comfort, telematics and
communications, powertrain, chassis and safety systems. Molex has met this demand
with innovative technologies that raise the bar on electronic content and user
functionality,” said Corey Schroeder, Commercial Vehicle Industry marketing
manager, Molex.


Integrated platforms and in-vehicle features help
differentiate and bring brand value to OEM customers. Powerful
cross-technologies provide invaluable tools for designers tasked with
developing scalable, flexible, and economical platforms for smarter, connected
vehicles and fleets,” Schroeder added.


Designing and integrating electronics for commercial
transportation can present unique challenges. Electronic platforms must meet
stringent design specifications and performance requirements. Cost,
compatibility, electrical voltage issues and in-vehicle signal integrity are
important considerations.


Molex offers an array of user access
ports, point-to-point connector assemblies, and in-vehicle networking solutions
that have been tested and validated in demanding commercial transportation


Customer Convenience Port (CCP) modules optimize the
power supply and connectivity to high-speed audio, video displays, CD players,
DVD players and navigation devices. CCP custom options include full I/O
integration with optional HSAutoLink, USB, SD memory cards, HDMI*, IEEE”  1394,
EtherNet, Bluetooth”¡ and auxiliary jack media ports.


Sealed, high-density CMC Hybrid Connectors perform in
high-conductivity applications and harsh environments, including heavy-duty
engine-control units, compartment applications, gearboxes, electronic parking
brakes, and suspension controllers.


HSAutoLink High-Speed Databus USCAR-30 USB, 1394 and LVDS
cable assemblies offer a rugged interface durable up to 5,000 cycles.
Commercial applications for HSAutoLink include infotainment, telematics
devices, safety cameras, and other in-vehicle applications.


The small-profile Mini-Fit H2O IP-67-rated system with
pre-installed seals meets the need for weatherproof, compact connections in
wire-to-wire applications up to 4.0A per circuit. A mid-range power connector
for use in weatherproof applications, the Mini-Fit H2O system ensures connector
integrity when submersed in water.


Submersible MX150 sealed connectors deliver superior
sealing and electrical performance in low-level signal and power applications
up to 22.0A. Designed for direct wire-to-board connections found in
high-temperature under-hood and chassis systems, the optimized interface meets
IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing requirements.


The Stac64 product family offers a stackable, modular
housing connector system to gang headers together in telematics, navigation and
instrumentation applications. The space-saving 20-circuit header and receptacle
housings are molded in standard USCAR color schemes and ship preassembled for
ease of assembly.


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