Molex interconnect solutions offer quality and reliability for defense contractors


Molex announced that it serves defense contractors and
military suppliers with a broad portfolio of proven high performance
interconnect technologies including custom fiber optics, flex circuit
assemblies, RF/antennas, high-speed cable assemblies and connector solutions
for aerospace, defense and marine applications.


Molex directs tremendous resources to the global support
of our military customers and armed forces,” said Benjamin Jeffrey, Group
Manager Industry Marketing, Defense and Aerospace Systems, Molex.


Migrating proven commercial technologies into military
applications helps defense contractors strategically control costs, while
ensuring superior performance and reliability on the frontline in mission
computers, flight control systems, electronic warfare and other critical
deployments,” Jeffrey added.


Military applications require components that can
withstand harsh conditions; components may be subject to water, extreme
temperatures, wind, sand, and vibration or impact.


From avionics to marine applications and radar systems,
Molex offers a full range of advanced copper and fiber optic solutions that are
rugged and reliable in the most demanding environments. Solution highlights


Ultra-reliable Copper Flex Assemblies feature a flexible
printed circuit system and high-speed flex assemblies supporting signal speeds
over 10 Gbps. These temperature-resistant assemblies offer tight electrical
properties to mitigate impedance, loss and cross talk. Copper Flex can be bent
to fit a much smaller device enclosure.


Copper Flex military applications include night vision
goggles, wireless antennas, missile detonators, ordinance and tactical systems,
cockpit video recorders, infrared sighting systems, ruggedized computers, radar
systems, and GPS-guided missiles.


Molex fiber optic connectors and
adapters, assemblies, backplanes, and optical circuitry include the industry’s
only metal-housing LC2+ Optical Connector to support enhanced performance
aerospace-grade optical cabling. The next-generation solutions to the highly
popular LC connector interface, LC2+ Optical Connectors meet all FOCIS 10
(Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard) specifications. LC2+ military
applications include avionics, satellites, remote antennas, signal processors,
sensors, and space systems.


Cost-effective Optical Connector Cable Assemblies provide
short lead-time solutions. Rugged and flexible circuitry, backplane systems and
standard connectors (FC, LC, MT, MTP, SC and ST) feature customized
terminations for discrete fiber and ribbon cable.


Military applications for Optical Cable Assemblies
include avionics, flight-control equipment, mobile tactical field command
platforms, EMI sensitive equipment, security, and battlefield networking.


The high-speed HBMT MT High Density Backplane
Interconnect System provides signal integrity, with reduced impedance and
cross-talk for military data-communication and telecom.


Leading-edge fiber optic assemblies offer security,
bandwidth, and weight savings for lighter and faster aircraft, ground and
water-based vehicles.


Fiber optic interconnects and cable assemblies resist RF
and EMI, making them ideal for sensitive applications such as radar, video
surveillance, target identification and night vision.


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