Monsoon launches direct recording of TV content on iPad


Monsoon Multimedia, a provider of video convergence
products, announced the addition of Direct to Mobile Recording for its Vulkano
line of products.


Included with Direct Recording
is full DVR, Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward features. The Vulkano line of
devices now offers these features via Wi-Fi for iPhones, iPads and Android
devices. Content is encrypted to avoid any possibility of infringement.


The Vulkano Flow gives consumers the freedom to watch
their TV anywhere in the world using smartphones, tablets and computers.
Vulkano users can now instantly begin recording their favorite television
programming so they never miss historic news or memorable sporting moments.


“The Vulkano line of devices has been created to
offer consumers the ultimate flexibility in entertainment and we are proud to
be the first to offer direct recording and DVR for mobile devices,” said
Colin Stiles, EVP Sales and Marketing at Monsoon.


“Consumers are making smartphones and tablets an
essential part of their every day lives and are expecting to view and browse
the TV content that they pay for at their leisure, no matter where they are in
the world,” Stiles added.


By Team
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