Most ERP users unable to access software from mobile device


Most manufacturing executives have little to no access to
enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other enterprise software from mobile
devices like smart phones, according to a survey by IFS, the global enterprise
applications company.


In the study of more
than 281 manufacturing executives conducted with analyst firm Mint-Jutras, only
27 percent of respondents were performing any functions in enterprise software
using a mobile device.


And 47 percent of respondents said they had little to no
access to ERP from a mobile device. Among customer relationship management
(CRM) users, 32 percent said they had little to no mobile access to their CRM
application, indicating that mobile access is more mainstream for CRM than it
is for ERP, but is still not prevalent.


Respondents also shared their thoughts on the importance
of the mobile interface in the selection process of ERP and other enterprise
software. The study also provides views about the impact the ability to work
from a mobile device would have on respondents’ work habits and which smart
phones and other devices they are currently using or plan to use in the future.


IFS is currently taking a leadership
position in mobile access to enterprise software with its Touch Apps
initiative, which makes available to users of the IFS Applications enterprise
suite a growing portfolio of smart phone applications that connect to IFS
Applications through Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud.


We realize how important mobile access to key enterprise
data is today and will be in the future.That is why we are taking a unique
approach of delivering mobile functionality through the IFS Cloud – a set of
web services running inside Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud environment,” said
Dan Matthews, chief technology officer,IFS.


By putting most of the logic for the apps inside IFS
Cloud, IFS also reduces the overhead of providing apps for multiple device
platforms, allowing us to get more mobile functionality to customers to market
faster than would otherwise be the case,” Matthews added.


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