Motorola Mobility Publishes Annual Corporate Responsibility Report

Motorola Mobility unveiled its annual Corporate Responsibility report. The 2010 report highlights the company’s commitment to helping create a more sustainable world and business marketplace through innovation.




Motorola Mobility builds on our long history of innovation as we create a sustainable future where people are more connected and more mobile”,  said Gloria Van der Heiden, corporate vice president, Strategic Services and Risk Management. We continue to expand the boundaries of eco-innovation as we develop greener products, support a responsible supply chain and make our company and communities we serve more sustainable”.  



Motorola Mobility is committed to reduce its environmental footprint from its operations over a five-year period, including greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation. The company is committed to increase the amount of global electricity purchased from renewable sources to 30 percent by 2020.




The CSR report  highlights the latest progress made by the company to improve the environmental profile of its products, while the company’s latest efforts to improve social and environmental performance in the supply chain, including aggregate results from its on-site supplier audits.





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