Motorola Solutions launches Ethernet-based dual control head capability

Telecom Lead Middle East: Motorola Solutions, a provider
of mission-critical communication solutions, has unveiled new solutions to
improve its MTM5400 mobile radio.

Motorola Solutions claims that the rugged, waterproof,
telephone-style control head, together with Ethernet-based dual control head
capability, helps transform the efficiency of fire service and other emergency
response teams.

The new control head is designed to ensure smooth
communications in tough environments. The unit combines powerful audio quality,
color display and secure grip and is IP55-rated to ensure seamless operation in
the wettest and challenging conditions.

The control head has a cradle-mounted rotary knob for
better audio control and red emergency call button for quick response in
critical situations.

“The new, ergonomic, telephone-style control head raises
the bar on secure and flexible communications in extreme conditions, while the
unit allows teams to quickly deploy loudspeaker and microphones to fully take
control of any incident on the ground or easily swap control duties between
team members as the situation changes,” said Iain Ivory, head of TETRA
Terminals, Motorola Solutions.

The unit can be installed in the vehicle with the cradle
simply attached to the base plate, and the control head offers vertical or
horizontal mounting options for angling towards the co-driver’s seat.

The unit’s smaller installation footprint allows easy
installation in crowded environments such as response cars, trucks, fire
tenders and pump bays. The control head enables fast and secure connection of
PTT radio, loudspeaker and microphone units, enhancing response teams’ personal
safety and communication options.

The new Ethernet interface head on the MTM5400 enables
connection of one or two traditional control heads or new telephone-style
control heads. In addition the Ethernet based interface ensures a robust
interface for voice and control functions even in harsh Electro Magnetic
Compatibility environments experienced in vehicles such as large fire
appliances. The new interface enables control positions to be separated by up
to 40 meters.

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